Shattered Star

Look to the Sky

Note: PC’s are invited to include what they recall from this game and it will be added to the log.

After defeating the Denagothians, the heroes had some decisions to make. It was decided readily that rather than interrogate their foes, they would bring them to the clerics and swordmasters of Fort Nione, the war college. A lengthy discussion then was started by Aedin Ashai, who openly wondered if the body of the sprite Mercy killed should be returned to the local The Good Neighbors. The illusionist assumed that they would be overjoyed at the kindness and would ally with the band of mortals. This idea was eventually discarded as fey tend to reincarnate so the return of the corpse of a minor fey wouldn’t be very impressive to the sidhe.

Whilst caught up in their debates, two worgs managed to sneak right up to them and launch a surprise attack. As it turns out they are part of the advance scout s that Mercy and Brakk Bastardsson belong to. Their rescue goes south and so a howl for reinforcements goes up. When it becomes evident that an entire pack of worgs are about to descend on them, the band decides to flee. They briefly consider leaving Brakk and Mercy behind as they would just slow them down but Zadekiel reminded them that they were aligned to Goodness and leaving someone helpess to ravening worgs is hardly a good act.

A lively chase ensues over fallen logs, through brambles, past pixie-led paths, swinging through trees and past fields of unicorns. Larrimal Tav makes it to the Fort in time to beset knights on the worgs and save the band from almost certain death. Once inside the safety of the enclosure, they hand over their prisoners and inform Zad’s mentor, [Velspin Evertrue], of what had transpired. Rangers are dispatched to clear the woods and cleric’s interrogate the prisoners with Zone of Truth spells.

While waiting around for the all clear, Summeri “Summer” Ashai realized her hero and future mentor, [Celebrist] was around here somewhere and went off to find him. She mistook a different instructor for her crush and flirted with the wrong person. Mostly the band talked about demanding to see the king to warn him of the admittingly very small amount of information they had, then Aedin and Bjorkin decided the Keeper of Fiery Champion’s shrine, [Evereth], must be a traitor as he wasn’t moving fast enough to suit them (pissing of Zadekiel), then they decided they could do a better job interrogating the prisoners but were rebuffed.

After checking with Larrimal, Aedin realized that if there were a Denagothian invasion underway then it would most likely be happening at Surewatch Keep. He convinced the resident falconer to borrow a hawk, Sûlwen, to fly to the Keep and report back utilizing his and his sister’s gnomish abilities to speak with animals. Sûlwen reported back that there were signs of a battle and it seems that Wendarian forces still stand.

Many hours later, mostly waiting on Sûlwen’s to fly the 32 mile round-trip scouting mission, Keeper Evereth deemed that the woodlands were safe for everyone to return. As he was needed at the shrine he offered for he and his retinue to accomopany- a great honor. The heroes were suspicious of the offer and hemmed and hawed until they became insulting. Evereth insisted they leave, with or without him and they eventually decided with and returned to the celebration.

They danced, ate and made merry. Zadekiel was given the honor to join the Keeper and his assistants in the Adàn Dainyàs rituals. Bjorkin leaped the bonfire flames and had a very good night indeed with an impressed elven maiden. The next day broke with the grand melee for the Wild Knight. In the midst of it all a great cloud overtook the sun- a cloud composed of hundreds of thousands of bats. Hidden from most, save Zadekiel, a shadowy colossal wyrm flew above the cloud headed straight towards Wendar (City). The game ended with some thousand bats swirling down from the chittering cloud like fluttery tornadoes attacking the celebrants below.



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