Shattered Star

Signs Everywhere

Note: PC’s are invited to include what they recall from this game and it will be added to the log.

We resume at the fields where the Maeglindë blade singing duels where being held. Summeri “Summer” Ashai and Tala Hankelthorn were both nursing monstrous hangovers. Albryce, a childhood friend and mild rival of Aedin Ashai‘s joined them and was eventually persuaded to share a vial of A"lchemist’s Kindness":—-final/goods-and-services/herbs-oils-other-substances#TOC-Alchemist-s-Kindness with Summer.

After being revived, the group headed over to the Quintain lists and tried their hand against the animated hobgoblin targets. Aedin, Summer and Bjorkin made decent showings of themselves but Summer’s skill with the blade was in evidence and she qualified for the next round while Aedin was knocked out cold. Just as Sumer went to check on her brother, the quintain goblins they had just sparred, and only those targets, attacked anew. The battle was ferocious and in the end, with aid from Larrimal Tav and both Zadekiel and his fellow cleric, Fionn Cúrúlil, they defeated the animated goons. Larrimal immediately desired to study the targets to see why they had malfunctioned but was prevented from doing so, being sent to Serenity Glen to heal up.

After some minor investigation, with the help of Albryce, they learned that the elven wizard responible for the Quintain goblin fiasco was being detained by officials at Fort Nione, the War College. Zadekiel offered to put them in touch with the officials to get more information. Whilst traversing the path to the college the grouop had their first call to heroism.

One of the The Good Neighbors, a tiny sprite, was being pounded into paste by a crazed human woman wielding a warhammer named Mercy. Battle was enjoined as the woman threatened the group and was enjined by her “brother”, one of the Brute Men, named Brakk Bastardsson. Brakk wore heraldic insignia of a red wyvern on a black background and otherwise seemed to be a knight of some sort.

The fight was fierce but relatively short. Bjorkin was deadly once he joined the fray. Aedin’s spellwork did much to lend victory for the newly blooded heroes and his sister’s blade was well whetted with the blood of evil doers. During the battle it came out that the interlopers where from Denagoth, that dark and mysterious northern country. They also learned that their gifts from Illuistar seemed to glow in relation to the presence of the denagothians. They also managed to find Darion Nimloth Nortoromë near dead nearby and Zadekiel brought him back to health.

Finally all together and with two unconscious captives in tow, they moved on to Fort Nione.



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