Shattered Star

The Land Reborn

Rebirths, like actual birth, can be hard...

Note: PC’s are invited to include what they recall from this game and it will be added to the log.

It is the Adàn Dainyàs, a religious event that occurs in Wendar only once every fifty years. The game begins with the Scarlet Procession, a parade of woodland folk, elves and men carrying banners and dragon skins all dressed in red marching through the Scarlet Groves. Bjorkin has just come to his senses as the dagger that had been possessing him has left through another enabler (or sucker). Lost and confused he stumbles across the parade and follows it cautiously.
In the parade itself are Aedin Ashai and his sister Summeri “Summer” Ashai. She has apparently won the honor to represent their village, Laurianta, in some sort of Grand Melee tournament. Meanwhile, not interested in partaking in the festivities, Larrimal Tav wandered about the merchant area where weaponsmiths, armorers, dragon paraphanelia hawkers, and food vendors were setting up.
While admiring the craftsmanship of some animated quintain targets, he is approached by a Faerie Seer named Illuistar, who charges him with dispensing magic items to select people with a destiny to avert a crisis that was coming. The parade comes to a close and the participants gather about the central menhir in the shrine of Fiery Champion. As the people raise their voices in song and the names of the heroic dead are recited, Zadekiel did his small part aiding the senior clerics and the shrine’s Keeper in officiating the first ceremony.
What follows over the next two days are more ceremonies at the shrine coupled with qualifying lists of duels, archery and a Grand Melee which will help decide which fighters will represent players in a few passion plays in honor of Fiery Champion. The first passion play, Birth Into Battle recounts the myth of Fiery Champion’s birth. Afterwards there was a banquest and dancing. The game ended on the 5th day of Adàn Dainyàs with Blade Song duels, quintain duels, Caber tossing and bear wrestling.



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