Bensarian the Sage

Shrewd eyes take you in as the Sage of Wendar sits back calmly, ready to listen to what you have to say.


Rumored to have lived over two centuries, Bensarian doesn’t appear as an otherwordly ancient hermit. He is neat, clean shaven and wears clothes fitting of a merchant or burgomeister. While careworn, he appears to in his 50’s with trim, greying hair. His fingertips are permanently ink-stained as befits someone of his profession.


Bensarian is a sage and wizard who keeps a cave-hermitage in the Kevar Hills. Bensarian was born in Kevar in AC 724. Orphaned at an early age, he was reared by an elf. In his early adulthood, Bensarian traveled the Genalleth Valley and Denagothian Plateau. Reclusive and careful with his information, Bensarian is the most authoritative source on elven history. His Elven Chronicles are the most complete and accurate public source of knowledge about the elves in Wendar and Genalleth, but there is more still that he has privately withheld.
Bensarian was instrumental in delivering the Elvenstar to Lord Gylharen during the invasion by Denagoth. He is possessed of long life, a gift of the Geffronell elves. Bensarian is accompanied by his hawk Vensul and his current student Nethelar.

Bensarian the Sage

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