Camla Daerwaith

His eyes rove to all corners taking in the mood of the group, their placing in relation to him and one another and numerous other details. This pale elf misses very little and the snowy owl perched nearby misses even less.


A handsome, mature elf at home in hunter’s leathers or courtly robes. Pale with sharp blue eyes and a penetrating stare, he is nevertheless quick to put those around him at ease.


Camla is a former pupil of Gylharen who has been serving the king as a general advisor since AC 994. Camla is intelligent and charming, and well learned. He has on more than one occasion sniffed out and discovered Denagothian agents in positions in the government. Some refer to him as the “King’s Hound” as he is unswervingly loyal to his former master. He has an owl familiar, Derik.

Camla Daerwaith

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