King Gylharen Elussar

Seated before you on a throne of living wood is the wizard king. His long white hair is held back by a delicate coronet of white gold. His eyes are commanding and ancient; filled with stars...


Gylharen cuts an opposing figure standing at six feet, nine inches in height. He tends to wear grey robes trimmed in gold. Only his troubled eyes and white hair hint that the king is near the end of his natural lifespan.


Gylharen, Lord and Wizard-King of Wendar
The aging Gylharen was an adventurer who made peace between humans and elves in Genalleth Valley and later led the defense of Wendar against Denagoth. In the aftermath of the war, Gylharen was proclaimed a king by his peers, and he worked to expand the number of lords in allegiance.
The king is ruthless in defense of Wendar but is otherwise kindly. Gylharen is lonely and troubled about the future of his realm and his choices of a successor. At 510 years of age, the king’s longevity is maintained by his elven heritage and the Elvenstar.

King Gylharen Elussar

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