Larrimal Tav


Wizard (Universalist) 1 (Scroll Scholar) Elf

Str 8
Dex 15
Con 12
Int 18
Wis 14
Cha 12

HP: 16
Fort: +1
Ref: +2
Will: +5; Immunities: Sleep, +2 to SVs vs. Enchantment
BAB: +1
MAB: +0
Quarterstaff +0/1d6-1
Dagger +0/1d4-1
RAB: +3
Dagger +3/1d4-1

Arcane Bond: Amulet (1 spell/day, as long as it is in spellbook.)
Racial Trait: Arcane Focus (
2 to cast defensively, replaces racial weapon prof.), otherwise standard elven traits

  • Theoretical Magician (+2 Spellcraft)
  • Student of Philosophy (May use Int instead of Cha for Diplomacy or Bluff checks to persuade or lie, but not to gather information or feint)
  • Avid Reader(Knowledge(Arcana)):Can always take 10 with this skill, even when threatened or distracted.
  • Afficionado of pipeweed.
  • Prefers out-of-date fashions
    Feats: Scribe Scroll, Skill Focus (Spellcraft)
    Oblivious (-2 to Sense Motive and sight-based Perception checks. Disconnected, constantly scribbling irrelevant notes, lost in thought.
    First Level
    Burning Hands
    Charm Person
    Comprehend Languages
    Mage Armor
    Magic Missile
    Unseen Servant
    Spells Per Day: 4/3
    Languages: Elven, Celestial, Draconic, Gnomish, Sylvan, Goblinspeak, Infernal
    Scroll Scholar: Choose one Knowledge skill (Arcana). Gain 1/2 levels in that skill (minimum 1)
    Skills: 6 pts
    1 for favored class=7
  • KS: Arcana +10
  • KS: Dungeoneering +8
  • KS: History +8
  • KS: Nature +8
  • KS: Planar +8
  • Linguistics +9
  • Perception +2
  • Spellcraft +15

70 gold
4 daggers
Scroll of Comprehend Languages


Larrimal Tav is the second-youngest child of his family, which is old, well-regarded, and comfortably located just above “having to really work for a living” and just below “having to play a lot of politics”. Primarily a family of scholars, wizards-for-hire, advisors, and artists, House Tav has been described as “a decorative vine that wraps itself around the great trees” — respectable useful, but ultimately known for being supporters, aides, and allies — they are Watson, Alfred, and Ron.
Larrimal Tav, it is sometimes mentioned in passing, might transcend his heritage. Perhaps. We’re still not certain.
No one doubts that he’s smart. He had worked out the rudiments of a prestidigitation cantrip when he was barely a child of 40. At first, his parents were worried he might be a sorcerer.. not that there was anything wrong with sorcerers, but they had always been proud of education as the path to achievement, as opposed to just bumbling into power… but Larrimal had been listening to his elder siblings studying the basics of wizardry, and had figured out how to put the words and gestures together to create controlled effects.
When old enough for formal schooling, he quickly mastered the basics, and often demonstrated insights into the workings of magic that were very advanced. Most students struggled to learn by rote, but Larrimal wanted to know the why and the how, and saw patterns and connections between spells much earlier than his peers. This kind of early genius was not unknown; it usually ended early, with an experiment gone terribly wrong, or late, with a giant tower made of bone, declarations of how all shall be crushed like the worms they are, and battles that left the land around scarred for a century. Thus, Larrimal was watched closely. His instructors were not exactly disappointed that when he was told certain realms of magic were dangerous, that he stopped investigating them, or that if given a sealed scroll did not even attempt to break the seal, but they found it odd. Privately, a few would mutter that it wasn’t entirely normal for someone to be so free of arrogance, or to be able to turn off curiosity so easily.
It wasn’t as if he was casual about his studies. He was obsessive about anything he was allowed to study. He would spend every hour possible of his decades-long youth and adolescence haunting libraries, talking to visiting wizards, conducting experiments. He had a number of the usual schoolboy romances in his 80s and 90s, and they all ended the same way… with his lovers infuriated after he’d vanish for a few days into some secluded corner to work through a problem or test an idea, completely oblivious to the passage of time.
By his early hundreds, he had become almost entirely disconnected from the world. Some feared he would simply disappear into a forgotten sub-basement and emerge two hundred years later, undead and unaware of it. Others felt that theory without practice was a waste. So, as he passed his 125th birthday (he had been given a party; he showed up for it a week late, but with four immense scrolls he’d written showing a system by which the magical properties of any fungus could be determined via a shorter process than previously known), he was told that his training would require practical experience, and that he should spend some time in the world freelancing as an adventurer.
Larrimal had considered this himself, and was glad others agreed. He’d long since realized that the really important advances in magic had mostly been done by insane hermits living at the bottom of improbable underground constructions or in impenetrable fortresses in some pocket dimension, and that they rarely filed copies of their work with their peers or contributed articles to scholarly journals for review. He knew his own studies would greatly benefit from their work, and, more importantly, the knowledge of all wizards would, as well. He had, secretly, been seeing the course of his life as bringing back the knowledge hoarded by the great and the mad, and making it available to all. After all, the dark grimoires penned by gibbering lich-kings and the insane puppets of the far realms would do much more good on the shelves of the local Academy of Magic than they ever could mouldering in some dungeon where no one could read them.

Larrimal Tav

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