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  • Illuistar

    _The figure before you appears human. His eyes are covered by a linen cloth and he wears a simple robe of pure white. In his hands he holds a shallow, marble bowl into which he appears to be gazing, despit his obvious blindness. The air around him …

  • Tala Hankelthorn

    Tala considers her size more an asset than a liability. She knows most enemies underestimate her skills, and takes full advantage. As a small, quick warrior she is also clever and brave. She knows when to strike fast and hard—and when to run. While in …

  • Thorgrim Hofraxson

    Thorgrim, son of Hofrax Tarnson, is the recent inheritor of the independent Estate of [[Tarnholme]]. Technically, this makes him a Lord and grants him a seat on the Estates Assembly but he has never attended (he is considering sending his Aunt Aghilde to …

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