The Land
Wendar occupies a broad valley nestled among the Adri Varma Plateau (west), the Mengul Mountains (east), and the Wendarian Range (south). It is a secluded and ancient land that still holds many secrets and marvels.
Historically the residents of the Genalleth Valley have made no claims to these natural borders and cede the latter two to the Denagothians and Glantrians. The open expanse of the valley is known as the Sonnoleth Plains. The region is 1000 feet above sea level at the base of the Kevar Hills and falls gradually to 800 feet in the kingdom’s north. There are no major rivers upon the Plains. Water is absorbed into the soil feeding annual bluegrasses or passing into underground
water systems. Meadows of false indigo and goldenrod color the landscape. The rich soil is suitable for farming. The local plains between the Forest of Bounty and the Dread Baamor Woods in the north are called the Shunned Plains.



Swamps and Moors


Climate and Environmental Notes



Regional Monsters

Supernatural Sites


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