The Good Neighbors


The term “Good Neighbors” is a catch-all term to refer to the fey races that dwell in Wendar. As the fey have a special place in the worship of the Korrigan and are revered by those that follow the Folkways, the Good Neighbors are honored and respected- largely left to their own devices. Whilst the fey may be found throughout the realm, major gateways exist connecting to the Feywild within the Enchanted Forest which accounts for their abundance in that locale.

The Good Neighbors who are most approachable and have dealings with the mortals of Wendar are the dryads, fauns, pixies, leprechauns and, less often, the sidhe.

The Wood Wives Dryads are quite common in Wendar. Born from the union with a faun, elf or man, the young hamadryad (and the children are always hamadryads) search for the tree that speaks to her soul. She may adventure for awhile- they make excellent druids- but eventually settle down and merge her soul with a tree becoming a full dryad (or wood wife as they are commonly called). To be lured away and mated to a dryad is considered a blesing in Wendar.

Merry Wildmen Fauns (aka Satyrs) are seen by mortals as expressions of nature. They are her wild, unihibited side. Fauns themselves could care less about their origins and so don’t truly discuss it. Fauns tend to act out of impulse with very little planning or self-control. They have no concept of decorum and decency. Luckily the most common impulses for fauns are to drink, make merry, dance, sing and chase dryads. Having a group of fauns join a festival is extremely common and they are forgiven slights and social faux-pas. Their urges come from Nature herself and who are mortals to deny that?

Tiny Warriors Pixies, also referred to as Sprites, are very often the more miltant fey in the realm and are likely to join adventurers in defending a forest from the rampages of monsters. Swarthy, typically with red hair and pug noses, they are armed and armored always with amazing skills in the art of the ambush.

Peerless Craftsmen Leprechauns are perhaps the most approachable fey of all. They are the craftsmen of the feywild building and making both magical and mundane items. Some have gone so far as to work openly with mortals holding businesses in villages. They are most renowned as cobblers. Leprechaun have a great capacity for whiskey and are shrewd with money.

Sidhe Haunting, ethereal noble fey, the sidhe appear much like elves save that they nearly glow with eldritch power. their eyes are the greatest giveaway as to their nature, glowing in solid colors of emerald, gold, sapphire, amethyst or ruby. They are always richly dressed with retinues of commoner fey and pixie bodyguards. Elves believe they have a direct connection to the Korrigans and treat them as celestial visitors.

The Good Neighbors

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