“Then sudden Felagund there swaying
Sang in answer a song of staying,
Resisting, battling against power,
Of secrets kept, strength like a tower,
And trust unbroken, freedom, escape;
Of changing and of shifting shape,
Of snares eluded, broken traps,
The prison opening, the chain that snaps.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Silmarillion

Myth is born by charro art d5xobjl

Welcome to the Shattered Star campaign! Set in the northern realm of Wendar where man and elf stand in a fragile alliance led by the Wizard King Ghylharen, wielder of the fabulous Elvenstar, they stand athwart the machinations of the Shadow Lord of Denagoth. With a rich history of war, grief, triumph and glory- PC’s will find many opportunities for adventure. There are Fallen Kingdoms to resurrect and ancient ruined elven cities begging to share their secrets with those bold enough to seek it.

This campaign is not set in Middle Earth but as you can see is heavily inspired by the Lord of the Rings and the Silmarillion. Honor, Fellowship and Bravery are the themes of campaign. We will be using the Mythic Adventure rules set for the Pathfinder game system.

The thrust of the campaign is neatly summed up in this short “video”:

Shattered Star

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